July 2023

New Turner Exhibits

The Brown County Historical Society and New Ulm Turner Hall are cosponsoring a new exhibit: Gut Heil! New Ulm as a Turner Town. It opens on June 8th. Following a vote at the 1855 National Convention, New Ulm was settled as a colony where its citizens could live according to "practical Turnerism." The exhibit will tell the story of the continuing influence of Turnerism on the city and display collection items that illustrate the Turner motto: "A sound mind in a sound body." The museum also has a cannon given by the Cincinnati Turners to New Ulm following attacks on the city by the Dakota in August 1862. The exhibit, guest curated by National Historian Daniel Hoisington, will be open through May 2024. The Brown County Historical Society's museum is only a block from Turner Hall, so it will be a great place to stop during the National Festival.Turner Hall will also be opening a new history display that features the drum carried by Turners during Abraham Lincoln's first inauguration in 1861. Turner Hall is the oldest Turner Hall in the U.S. still in its original use, and the club has the oldest gymnastics program and the oldest bar in Minnesota. This display was funded, in part, by grants from the New Ulm Area Foundation and the Carl and Verna Schmidt Foundation.

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