The North American Indian: Photographs of Edward Curtis

A Virtual Tour of an Exhibit at The Grand Center for the Arts and Culture

Edward Curtis was a master photographer, combining technical knowledge of film with a deep passion to record the lives of the North American Indian. He devoted thirty years to photographing and documenting more than eighty tribes west of the Mississippi, from the Mexican border to northern Alaska. His 40,000 pictures and the 20 volumes of The North American Indian are national treasures. On wax cylinders, his crew collected more than 10,000 recordings of songs and speech from those tribes. In 1914 he directed In the Land of the Headhunters, one of the earliest film documentaries of any sort.

To begin the tour, watch this introductory video.

Next, click on the image below and step into the 4 Pillars Gallery at the Grand Center for the Arts and Culture in New Ulm, Minnesota. Navigating the virtual exhibit gallery is simple. Use your mouse, trackpad, or finger to move left or right. Step through the room. Click on a photograph to read the label.
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